About us

Teamwork makes the dream work

We are on the way to becoming a recognised mobile payment solution which empowers and enriches people. A solution that gives people full control of their payments with their smartphone. A solution enabling society to interact, build, trade, achieve, experience and live. 

So what exactly does the Payconiq application do? We are pushing boundaries and innovating the payment landscape with our simple, secure and reliable mobile payment app which can be used on-the-go in stores, online, and between friends. 

We believe: 

  • paying a friend should be as easy as sending a chat to a friend. 
  • paying in a store should be as easy as walking out of a store. 
  • paying bills should be as easy as opening the bill. 
  • paying on a website should be as easy as navigating to the website. 

And the best part? People have full control of their money with their smartphone as their gateway. We provide them the tools to pay wherever they are, whenever and to whoever they want. Secure, Simple & Reliable.

How will we get there you ask? Hardwork, determination, taking ownership and high quality work.


Get to know us a bit!

Perk up your life

What you get for working hard

  • Training & development allowance
  • Remote working
  • In-office gaming
  • Fruit, tostis, coffee, tea
  • Awesome tech stack
  • International colleagues
  • Friday drinks
  • 2 big company outings per year
  • Commuting allowance
  • Pension plan
  • Dutch lessons


Amsterdam, Luxembourg

Payconiq Services B.V>

Q-port - 13th floor | Kingsfordweg 107 | 1043 GP Amsterdam

Payconiq International S.A.

9 Rue Joseph Junck, 1839 Luxembourg